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“A Fortune to Kill” is an interesting and exciting supernatural mystery set in the high-rises of Miami and the back alleys of New Orleans. All the characters have something to gain when a prominent banker dies under mysterious circumstances, and, while the setting is atmospheric and immersive, it is the characters’ moral complexity that lifts the script above its straightforward murder mystery plot."


A young woman seeks supernatural help to find the man who murdered her rich, elderly husband, then has to decide if she wants his revenge or his fortune.


While carrying out a dangerous Santeria ritual to stop the nasty rumors about her marriage, the beautiful young MERCEDES (20s) discovers her husband is dead. At his funeral, amid disapproving stares and accusations of fake grief, she convinces a young banker, FRANK (20s) to take her to an ancient channeller, ESMERALDA, so she can communicate with her deceased husband. At the seance, her husband insists he was murdered, and wants revenge.

Mercedes hires a fierce, troubled psychic detective, NADINE (20s) and begins to hunt for her husband's murderer. At the bank he owned -- and she's set to inherit -- they confront REY (50s), the acting bank president, more a thug than a businessman, and uncover a clue that ties to the murderer to Mercedes’ childhood home in New Orleans. She goes there with the Young Banker to discover the connection to her husband's murder, and the truth about her childhood.

In New Orleans, Mercedes and Frank encounter her weirdly dysfunctional parents, learn about a possible suspect, MARCELLO (40s) living in Miami, and violently obtain a DNA sample from her father to test his claim that Marcello is Mercy's true father. Mercy and Frank form a bond, even though she suspects Frank may have been involved in killing her husband.

When they get back to Miami, the conspiracy is revealed and Mercy is forced to choose between revenge or riches.

A Fortune to Kill
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