One of the letters I discovered twenty five years after the events, which prompted me to write this memoir.
The old Baby Ruth box where the letters were hidden. Only 5 cents a bar!
I traveled across the Country with this amazing SPACE BRAND EMERGENCY BLANKET. Do you think it worked?
This is what I looked like back then, before I cut my hair and cleaned up my act to become a super-salesman for the Glenn Turner organization. 

Read the KIB letter below. It will blow your mind.
In 1972 a Jewish teenager named Doug, and his black friend, Nixon, leave home to embark on a quest to find Utopia. They hitchhike around the USA and meet Bologna Jane, Tina the Monkey Girl, Big Arm, Nigga Dog, Redneck Hippies, the Misfits and Glenn W. Turner - the most notorious conman of the twentieth century. 

In the course of this memoir, Doug transforms from a naïve hippie to an obnoxious salesman to a pathetic panhandler. 

He finally finds redemption after spending the night in a crackhouse with a group of Satan-worshipping heroin addicts.
Here are some items I managed to save from the trip. If nothing else, they prove it was all true.
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