Free The Interview
My Indiegogo to buy "The Interview" from Sony & release it on Social Media. Public pressure forced them to release it anyway.
Free "The Interview"
The Wynwood Police shut down NO PICTURES PLEASE before we could start the Play. 

We were almost set up, struggling to erect the makeshift stage against a major wind, when the officer pulled up and demanded to see the person in charge. When I walked over to talk to him he insisted on seeing my film permit.

I told him we were not doing a film, that we were doing a stage play, and that we didn’t need a permit. 

 “You can’t block the streets,” he said.

“We’re not blocking the streets,” I pointed out. “It’s just on the corner on the dirt where nobody goes.”

That really pissed him off. 

“It’s the streets! How are you not blocking the streets!”

I pointed to the street right next to us and said: “Those are the streets. This is not a street.”