A government researcher turned mad scientist attempts to enslave the world with genetically enhanced puppies


A SCIENTIST (45) extracts the genes that make a Panda Bear charming, a deer enchanting, a kitten cute and a human baby so lovable. Then he enhances their effect a thousand times over to create an irresistibly charismatic puppy.

Using the genetically super-charged Puppy, he robs banks, turns enemies into slaves, and takes over a Homeland Security Research Laboratory. Then, with his devoted staff, he develops the ability to transfer the Puppy’s power into his own body.

The only person who might be able to stop him is JACK (17). Inwardly cool but hyper-klutzy, Jack never knew his parents, or that they were part of Mr. Puppy's experiments when he was still a good guy. He doesn't even know that Mr. Puppy killed them when they discovered his nefarious plans.

Deep undercover, Jack tries everything from Karate to Ballroom Dancing in a desperate attempt to control his jerky, destructive movements. If Jack possesses the genetic gifts of his parents, they are well wrapped.

But Mr. Puppy discovers that Jack is alive, and where he lives. He plans to kidnap Jack, kill him, and use his DNA.

In the meantime, KATRINA (20s), a Homeland Security Agent, races to protect Jack, and enlist him (and his undiscovered abilities) to get revenge on Mr. Puppy for killing her baby to create the serum. 

After several failed attempts, Mr. Puppy succeeds in kidnapping Jack. He also perfects the serum that will transfer the power of the Puppy into his own body. But not just one Puppy. It turns out he has a secret room full of genetically enhanced puppies. A thousand and one Puppies!

As the serum begins to take effect, Mr. Puppy transmits his image to billions of TV sets, computers and cellphones throughout the world. 

He exudes an infinite degree of charm and charisma. Political and religious leaders, along with throngs of ordinary people, become entranced.

Mr. Puppy declares himself the Messiah.

Then he starts to change.

He begins to develop dog-like features.Then the huge quantity of supercharged serum in his blood energizes the original wolf DNA that exists in all dogs.  

Mr. Puppy is transformed into a GIGANTIC WEREWOLF. 

Now he doesn't want to rule the world. He wants to eat it!

With the help Agent Katrina, Edgar the Dog-Faced Boy (an earlier experiment), Jack's girlfriend and a few others, Jack defeats Mr. Puppy. 
Mr. Puppy
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