This ensemble cast features a couple of best buddies, a nasty bitch, her wimpy husband, a large homeless man nicknamed 'Frankenstupid' and a cute wannabe hooker named Carol. They are all victims of Mr. Eddie - a charismatic con artist who sells them a get-rich-quick scheme. As they attempt to get rich, and then get even, they all reveal their personalities, histories and secrets. 


Two best friends and a group of misfits seek revenge after a con artist takes their money, destroys their self-respect & ruins their relationships.


A fast-talking Con Artist (50s) picks up two hitchhikers on the way to a protest and offers to teach them how to become millionaires.

They turn him down, but after getting tear gassed at the protest, the disillusioned young men change their minds and take him up on his offer. 

They beg, borrow and steal to obtain the ‘buy-in’ money. 

The con artist then gathers the two young men, along with a few other victims, and instructs them in the art of becoming a super salesman. Each one is incompetent in their own way and fails hysterically. 

Broke and desperate, the two friends hit the streets and try to make some money by panhandling. But they can't raise a penny, until they apply the con artist's instructions to the art of panhandling. They succeed as panhandlers beyond their wildest dreams.

They make enough money to fool their friends, family and lovers into thinking the get-rich-quick scheme is a success. 

They begin to live double lives, dressing like businessmen in the morning to sell their get-rich-quick scheme, then changing into bums for an afternoon of panhandling.

But soon a personal conflict creates a rift between the two friends. Demoralized and depressed, they lose their panhandling abilities. They get busted. They end up broke and alone.

With the help of the other victims, who have become their friends, the two buddies reconcile, break into the Con Artist's office, retrieve their money and obtain a document that will put him in prison.

They not only get their revenge, but using their inside knowledge of panhandling, they save President Obama from an assassin disguised as a panhandler. 

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