Logline:  In a retirement home nicknamed “Crackhead Paradise,” a wheelchair-bound resident fights to prevent two insidious siblings from murdering their mother, his friends, and the woman he loves.


Eddie (70) overhears a plot by two siblings, Garth and Edith (40s), to kill their mother and collect her inheritance. He then discovers they are part of a life insurance scam that involves murdering all of the childless residents, including the woman he loves.

Stopping them won’t be easy. He's tossed into traffic, beaten up and cut off from the outside world. His friends are threatened. The entire staff at the retirement home appear to be part of the plot.

But Eddie relishes the challenge. For the first time in years he feels alive. Using Sweet and Low, ketchup bottles, pills, breadcrumbs, pigeons and ducks, he manages to blow the conspiracy wide open. But even that may not stop Garth and Edith from carrying out their evil plan.

This was originally written as a novella, then turned into a feature length script.
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