In a dying city, two unlikely lovers match wits with the Leader of a New Age Suicide Cult, a demented Businessman and local Police - who believe they are mass serial killers.  


Police kick down the door to a rundown apartment. Inside they find a dog cage. It's furnished like a baby's crib. They discover dozens of wallets with the ID's of missing people. A bag of frozen grasshoppers. A box of live Scorpions. And an unfinished manuscript entitled: The Apocalyptic Cookbook - How to Catch, Kill and Cook Everything.

Thus begins The Rhubarb Way, a dark comedy featuring a Survivalist who rescues an Attempted Suicide and falls deeply in love with her. It takes place in the near future, when civilization is just beginning to crumble, and people are forced to decide if life is worth all the trouble.
The Rhubarb Way explores the inner chambers of a suicide cult and its obese, sexually obsessed founder - Rhubarb - who claims to channel a 600 year old spirit in Hell. 

It enters the boardroom of a desperate Businessman and his terrified staff, who are bullied into carrying out one insane scheme after another to save their failing company. Schemes like kidnapping Rhubarb and forcing her to channel the greatest financial minds in Hell. 

As Rhubarb and the Businessman collide, the Survivalist and his Lover attempt to flee the wreckage and head for a mountain refuge. But they are weighed down by grief and survivors' guilt and the beautiful baby they rescued from the suicide cult.

The Rhubarb Way includes dark comedy, satire, science fiction, martial arts, survival techniques, corporate insanity and a bit of odd sex. This is a unique script that will blow people's minds.

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