My article "a loophole in the law of karma" published in a leading Buddhist Magazine.
One of my crazy schemes from long ago. It didn't work.
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Doug Shear
Two Versions of my Monologue by two different actors and two different directors performed at the New Theatre Festival at Artistic Vibes.
Doug Shear Bio

I write books, stage plays, screenplays, monologues, comedy and spoken word pieces. 

My first novel, Rhubarb Culture, is about a survivalist and his suicidal lover who attempt to escape a demented Businessman, a New Age Suicide Cult and some Cops who discover a manuscript entitled: The Apocalyptic Cookbook - How to Catch, Kill and Cook Everything. 

My second book, American Karma, Twilight of the Marijuana Gods, chronicles my transformation from a 1970's Hippie to a homeless panhandler, and how I find redemption in a crack house full of Satan worshiping heroin addicts. 

The book Badass, a compilation of selected Lip Service Stories performed at the Actor’s Playhouse in Coral Gables, includes my story Nitro & Glycerin. I have performed several pieces for Lip Service Stories over the years.

My monologue Escort Wanted was directed and performed by two different actors at the New Theater Festival in Miami, Florida, and my Stage Play, Saint Peter at the Gate, was produced in Toronto, Canada and Boca Raton, Florida. 

No Pictures Please
So since we were shut down by the police in Wynwood, Florida, I have decided to create a documentary about the whole process, interspersed with videos of scenes from the Play taken at the rehearsal, and graphics and videos pertaining to free speech in the entertainment industry.

The only thing I can guarantee is that the documentary will be surprising. 

There are several reasons for this decision:

1.It is not possible to replicate the original cast. The casting issues are what caused this project to take almost two years. The fact that it came together at all was a miracle. I don’t think it will happen twice.
2.Virtually the entire Play was recorded from beginning to end.
3.The documentary will be more interesting and fun than a simple film of the performance, and include many of the elements that went into the production, such as the Indiegogo campaign, some animation that was created, and other items as well.
4.The fact that the production was shut down by the police fits with the theme of the Play, which is about Free Speech. 
5.While the folks at Storycrafter Studio have generously offered to provide a venue, safety is still a major concern. There were reasons we tried to do the Play spontaneously as Guerilla Theater, and those reasons are still in effect. The risk is too great.
I think this will be a very interesting documentary and I plan to submit it to various contests and such. It will probably take a month or two to put it all together. Stay tuned.
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