My article "a loophole in the law of karma" published in a leading Buddhist Magazine.
One of my crazy schemes from long ago. It didn't work.
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Doug Shear
​Doug Shear is a writer, novelist, playwright, monologist and whatever. 
Two Versions of my Monologue by two different actors and two different directors performed at the New Theatre Festival at Artistic Vibes.
Doug Shear Bio

I write books, stage plays, screenplays, monologues, comedy and spoken word pieces. 

My first novel, Rhubarb Culture, is about a survivalist and his suicidal lover who attempt to escape a demented Businessman, a New Age Suicide Cult and some Cops who discover a manuscript entitled: The Apocalyptic Cookbook - How to Catch, Kill and Cook Everything. 

My second book, American Karma, Twilight of the Marijuana Gods, chronicles my transformation from a 1970's Hippie to a homeless panhandler, and how I find redemption in a crack house full of Satan worshiping heroin addicts. 

The book Badass, a compilation of selected Lip Service Stories performed at the Actor’s Playhouse in Coral Gables, includes my story Nitro & Glycerin. I have performed several pieces for Lip Service Stories over the years.

My monologue Escort Wanted was directed and performed by two different actors at the New Theater Festival in Miami, Florida, and my Stage Play, Saint Peter at the Gate, was produced in Toronto, Canada and Boca Raton, Florida. 

​Actor Omar the Red, in a bomb vest t-shirt, the Wynwood Police, and me trying to convince him to let us perform the Play.