In order to escape a city on the verge of collapse, a survivalist and his emotionally fragile girlfriend need to outwit the cops, a deranged businessman and the leader of a New Age Suicide Cult.  
Important Confession: this was my first novel. Some people thought it was brilliant and horrible. Others just thought it was just horrible. But everyone enjoyed reading it. You can probably find a few copies on Amazon or eBay, if you dare.
Rhubarb Culture
American Karma - Twilight of the Marijuana Gods
My Short Stage Play
A Survivalist and his Suicidal Girlfriend need to outwit the police, corporate thugs  and members of a New Age Suicide Cult in order to escape a city on the verge of collapse. 
A young woman seeks supernatural help to find the man who murdered her rich, elderly husband, then has to decide if she wants his revenge or his fortune.

A government researcher turned mad scientist attempts to enslave the world with genetically enhanced puppies.
Two best friends and a group of misfits seek revenge after a con artist takes their money, destroys their self-respect & ruins their relationships.
In a retirement home nicknamed “Crackhead Paradise,” a wheelchair-bound resident fights to prevent two insidious siblings from murdering their mother, his friends, and the woman he loves.

Badass Book
Feature Length Screenplays I've Written
Four victims of a car accident, whose lives are intertwined in ways they don’t imagine, try to convince Saint Peter to let them through the Pearly Gate of Heaven. Some make it, some don't.
My article "a loophole in the law of karma" published in a leading Buddhist Magazine.
One of my crazy schemes from long ago. It didn't work.
Everything on this website is copyrighted, including the content of any files, all text, every photograph, video, everything. If you want to use any of it, just let me know and I will probably say yes. If you use it without my permission, I'll probably hire the law firm of Dewey Cheatem' & Howe and go after you like white on rice.
Free The Interview
My Indiegogo to buy "The Interview" from Sony & release it on Social Media. Public pressure forced them to release it anyway.
Two Versions of my Monologue by two different actors and two different directors performed at the New Theatre Festival at Artistic Vibes.

Rhubarb Culture
Doug Shear
Free "The Interview"
Fidel Castro Voodoo Doll
If you believe in the 1st Amendment. If you believe in Free Speech. If you believe that Muslims do not deserve special treatment by writers, artists & film makers, then please support my Indiegogo Campaign. In defiance of Political Correctness, Fear & Intimidation, I intent to film the forbidden satire "No Pictures Please!" 
Books I've Written
A Book That Printed 
One of My Monologues

Official Indiegogo Pitch Video
​Here a few of the "Perks" available as a supporter of this project. There are many more.  Visit
Camel Pad (mouse pad)
Prophet Muhammad Wine Opener
Fidel Castro Voodoo Doll
My press release has been turned down by two distribution companies because of fear and political correctness.
Linked-in turned down my advertisment because of fear and political correctness.
Local theaters won't touch it because of fear and political correctness and the added cost of security.
Only your help will make this possible. Otherwise, the terrorist win and free speech loses.
No Pictures Please is live on!