My article "a loophole in the law of karma" published in a leading Buddhist Magazine.
One of my crazy schemes from long ago. It didn't work.
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The Plan

We are going to set up a quick stage in the middle of a busy location and gather an audience. We will then perform and film the short stage play “No Pictures Please!” We will take down the stage and disappear before anyone has a chance to object. This is Performance Art using Guerilla Tactics. As near as I can discover, this has never been done before!

Join Us & Make History

This project is a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. In addition to the controversial nature of the Stage Play, the fact that we are forced to produce it as an underground operation is unprecedented. 

It will only be performed once, and filmed. Once the film is edited, it will be submitted to short film festivals and/or released. 

Current Project
 Produce & Film the Stage Play
 "No Pictures Please!"
Doug Shear